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Tax Services

Full Attestation Reports

Full Attestation Reports

Companies’ accounts and financial tables are controlled in terms of correctness and compliance to tax regulations within the scope of full attestation supervisions. Full attestation supervision performed by Sworn in CPA and prepared full attestation report provide assurance for the tax administration about compliance of company’s corporate tax declaration to tax regulations. The purpose of the full attestation supervision is to detect possible tax related risks and resolve them before a potential tax examination. Another service along with supervision to clients is to give consultancy on tax incentives and deductions.

Even though having full attestation services is not legally obligatory, such service provides many advantages for businesses.

• Decreases tax related risks to a decent level

• Provides tax planning and takes advantage of tax incentives

• Tax declarations and related fiscal tables attested by Sworn in CPA are accepted as examined by tax inspectors of the country unless otherwise proved

• Excepting notifications from third parties and special circumstances, regulations mention that this companies are not subject to tax examinations in the first raw of the queue because they are accepted as less risky taxpayers

• There is no requirement for this companies to prepare a separate report for attestation of investment and R&D incentives and other exemptions other than attestation report

• This firms acquires possibility to have VAT refunds without any limit with Sworn in CPA attestation report

• They are exempted from obligation to sign contracts with independent public accountants

VAT / SCT Refund

VAT / SCT Refund

Taxpayers may be entitled to receive VAT/SCT refund due to export sales, sale of goods and services subject to discounted VAT/SCT rate along with many other transactions. Refund requests above certain amount and return of collaterals submitted for VAT/ SCT refunds require SCPA attestation reports. Quality of the reports is very important in order to prevent unnecessary delays in refund process. We, with our qualified and experienced auditors, make maximum effort to produce reports without any flaw so that you receive the refund you are entitled to in the shortest time.